Speaker Topics


Interested in being a presenting speaker? Unlike other industry shows, we do not charge for our presenters. We look for key individuals in the region that are well versed in their arena. We are not looking for sales pitches but rather a transparent experience to share with attendees.

Choose a topic, Click Apply Now to submit an Application. Only one speaker will be chosen. Panels may be created for some seminars. 


 So you are in cannabis! Doesn't matter. Can your run a business, successfully? Are your books balanced? Do you have a P&L statement? Get the basics to stay in the game!

NC Industrial Hemp Pilot Program 

Learn about the NC application process, fees, dates and various requirements.

How Do I Turn My Land Into a Farm?

Do you have generational land? An acre or 25 and not sure what your options are?

Activism & Unity

Getting involved with local, regional & national cannabis-based organizations

Opening a Retail Location

Scouting locations, understanding terms, evaluating monthly expenses.

Dosing 101

Why the complexities & how so many bodies may find benefit. Best ways to work with your customers? How to find the sweet spot?

Credit Cards & Payment Processors

With so many terms, what do they all mean? Understanding Gateways, Payment Processors, Exchange Rate vs Flat Rate & banking.

You CAN'T Say That! #FDA

The do's & don'ts of claims. How far is too far? The consequences your words can have.


To Build or Not to Build? To source the creative out or try to DIY it? Finding artist, images, blogs, copywriters!

Sourcing & Product Selection

The Sourcing & Buying Process, Negotiating, White Label, MOQs, Shelf Life, R&D, Local vs. National.

Marketing & Branding

Marketing Practices and Tactics in a tough industry. Branding, what is it? How to create it? How do you grow it? (Google My Business, Events, Farmer's Market, breweries, etc.)

Testing & Labs

Where to start with crop testing? Costs? Accuracy? Identifying terpenes. Understanding the reports.