Industry Sessions | Join us at the stage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Cannabis 101!




  • Accounting Best Practices

    East steps to make your quarter end smoothly!

  • Applying for a Farm License

    The application process, fees, dates & deadlines.

  • Brand Awareness

    What is it? How to create it? How do you grow it? (Google My Business, Events, Farmer's Market, breweries, etc.)

  • Buds

    Pesticides & Best Practices

  • Community

    Getting involved with local mainstream agencies to create your footprint in your community (Chamber of Commerce, United Way, etc.)

  • Dosing 101

    Why the complexities & how so many bodies may find benefit. Best ways to work with your customers? How to find the sweet spot?

  • Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD Oil

    Differences, Compliments & how Amazon can get away with it!

  • How to Cook Edibles

    Tips, Tricks & Measurements!

  • How to make the Best Pre-Roll

    Hand vs. Bulk. Cost vs Time.

  • Local & Regional Laws

    New & Upcoming Policies for NC, SC, GA, VA & TN. A look at surrounding states and what is at stake.

  • Local Branding

    Marketing Practices & Tactics in a tough industry

  • Opening a Retail Location

    Scouting locations, understanding terms, evaluating monthly expenses

  • Panel: Activism & Unity

    Getting involved with local, regional & national cannabis-based organizations

  • Panel: Growing

    Wins, Lessons & Pitfalls

  • Panel: Retailing 101

    Good, Bad & Ugly to owning a storefront

  • Partnerships

    Identifying Key Players for the stability of your company

  • Payment Processors

    With so many terms, what do they all mean? Understanding Gateways, Payment Processors, Exchange Rate vs Flat Rate & banking.

  • Product Selection

    The Sourcing & Buying Process, Negotiating, White Label, MOQs, Shelf Life, R&D, Local vs. National

  • Staff & HR

    Is our industry different? Finding great employees. What to ask & not ask a new hire. Handling turnover.

  • Terpenes

    What are they? What do they do? How do they define a strain?

  • Testing

    Where to start with crop testing? Costs? Accuracy? Identifying terpenes. Understanding the reports.

  • The 2020 Pivot

    Redefining & Reviewing your business. What you learned about yourself, your brand & your employees and improving the 2021 landscape.

  • Training your Senses

    Understanding smells & sights to the perfect flower

  • Website

    To Build or Not to Build? To source the creative out or try to DIY it? Finding artist, images, blogs, copywriters!!!

  • You CAN'T Say That! #FDA

    The do's & don'ts of claims. How far is too far? The consequences your words can have.

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